I’ve written a few guest posts for Broadband for America this year, and the BfA folks have declared this week Online Supporter Week.  Check out their mission statement:

Our mission is to make broadband access to the Internet available to every household in the nation; to provide data transfer speeds to make that broadband experience valuable to users; and to provide the bandwidth necessary for content providers to continue to make the Internet a cultural, societal, and economic engine for growth.

Telework is a valid work solution for many of us, but if you can’t connect with high speed, you’re missing out on real job opportunities and real employees.  Broadband access needs to spread.

I read a post this morning that listed the eight best places to live for fast internet.  Spoiler alert: The United States doesn’t make the cut.  I’m seriously considering the move to The Republic of Moldova.  Green hills and 21.4 mbps.

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